About us

Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society (MPFCS) cares for a growing and diverse community, providing a spectrum of valued services for families with young children living in Vancouver. Since 1976, MPFCS has served as a place to meet new friends, learn new skills and receive support in many forms.In addition to a well-attended Family Drop-in located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, MPFCS operates the Circles of Care and Connection Early Years Refugee Program based at the ISS of BC Welcome Centre. Through this program, MPFCS staff provide outreach services to refugee families with young children (aged 0-6) with a focus on early childhood development and issues related to parenting in the Canadian context. The Circles of Care and Connection program aims to bridge the gap that refugee families may experience in accessing services within their communities.

For many children, parents and caregivers who rely on MPFCS, the Society offers a “home away from home”.  Whether they are meeting new friends at daily family drop-ins, learning new skills at parent workshops, taking advantage of occasional visits from health care professionals or seeking settlement services as refugees, families are provided with incredible resources, respectful treatment and a loving, nurturing environment for both children and adults.

To learn more, visit the MPFCS website.